Website creation

Our WEBMASTERA design studio offers you websites creation

Our WEBMASTERA design studio offers you websites creation:

  1. Corporate websites;
  2. E-commerce websites (online stores);
  3. Business card websites (landing page)

What kind of a website do you need?

Let’s try to study out what kind of a website you need. Everything depends on the business type of your company. Let’s consider each website type in details.

Corporate website creation

A corporate website will be a good choice for a company which is going to present its services or goods (without selling them online). For example, your company is producing chemical goods and the website will inform distributors about the goods. So the task is not to sell retail via the website. In such a case you can order the corporate website including the goods catalogue.

For example, if your company provides services such website type will be a nice solution for you. Your services will be presented at the website and the end customer (who needs your services) will get the exhaustive information and order your services.

E-commerce website (online store) creation

An e-commerce website (online store) will be interesting for companies selling their products retail (wholesale) to end customers. The corporate website doesn’t include an online purchase option but the e-commerce website includes this option. The e-commerce website will be good for you if you are going to sell the goods to the end customer. The e-commerce website, actually, is a goods catalogue (the same as the corporate website) excluding the prices, shopping cart, online purchase option, payment by credit cards, etc.

In general, the e-commerce website is a trade site for your business. By means of it you will sell your goods online in the Internet. In this case creation of the website (the online store) is a perfect choice for you.

Business card website creation

A business card website is an ideal website for small companies (private entrepreneurs) with a limited budget. Actually, this is a short version of a corporate website. At the corporate website you can present your goods in the catalogue but the business card website does not include this option as the business card website includes only 5 pages.

If you are going to present one or several goods/services, the business card website will suit you the best.

In this section we’ve explained the main characteristics of all website types. If you have any questions, please, contact us (see the Contacts section).

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